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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Your Former Booklet Clients Are Gold

I got a phone call yesterday from a vendor I bought from several years ago. They are a manufacturer of packaging for the home study kits I created. They were always good to work with, had a fair price, and their product was good. The only reason to move on was that they didn't have a product to satisfy the need when the home study kit changed over from cassettes to CDs. There were other companies who did have that at that time. So off I went.

Yesterday their rep phoned to see what it would take to woe me back as a customer. Once I told him the situation, he had a colleague who was more knowledgeable about this product return the call to me. They now do have what I need, as a stock item, at an excellent price. I will most likely be returning to them.

You may have clients or prospects who love what you have and, for whatever reason, they haven't needed it in awhile. Now you have it in a different format or added more titles to what you've got, or now understand the concept of licensing, or whatever. If they bought from you before, you're ahead of the game. Give them a shout to see what happens.

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