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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who Have You Told?

Who have you told about your booklet lately? Do your family, friends, and neighbors know? Do your current, former, and prospective clients know? Do the people you do business with in your community know? How about the folks in any community organizations you belong to? Do they know?

You may be losing out on the easiest and most lucrative marketing opportunities by not telling the people in the previous paragraph about your booklet. Your booklet could be the ideal solution to a problem they are experiencing. Your booklet can be a direct or indirect source of revenue they need. The booklet could be an ideal educational tool for them. It could be a vehicle for someone to get a promotion because of bringing your booklet to their department. It could be a way for two people to re-open communication between them after some long hiatus. It could be lots of things, all for the good.

Who have you told about your booklet lately? Why don't you get started now?

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