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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Color Coded Covers

There's a whole psychology to color and I am far from being expert on the topic. I do know what my gut reactions are though, and, more often than not, those reactions are pretty much on target when it comes to choosing the general color for a particular situation.

I am a fan of purple. In fact, that's an understatement. It's a color that makes me feel good. Some speak of it being spiritual and regal. Okay, I can easily embrace those qualities as my reality. And I've been told (accused is probably more like it) that I take the purple thing a little further than necessary. All I can tell you is it's a comfortable and comforting experience to surround myself with purple, both professionally and personally.

You may have a relationship with a particular color in a similar way to what I described above. If so, it makes it easy to choose the ink color you want for the printing on the cover of your booklet. It becomes your personal branding. The things you produce in your company usually include that color.

You also know if there is a color that causes you to react negatively. A current booklet project I'm doing with a client brought a burgundy color to the cover. The client was very quick to reject the burgundy, wanting something that would be more vibrant. When the client asked for a yellow cover, I shot that down, saying the topic of the booklet would not be a match for yellow. The content required a soothing and calming color, engendering more confidence in the booklet author's work than I felt yellow would be. We are landing on a royal blue for the printing on a white glossy cover.

Years ago, in a previous service business I had, I chose a chocolate brown ink on ivory background for all my print materials. Those colors did not represent my personality, by a long shot. It was a real disconnect and just didn't feel right. The purple now does. Even if you are not a primarily a visual person, consider what colors you are drawn to in your everyday life. See how those fit your business.

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