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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Learning Styles

You may be a quick study with lots of things. For you, the tips format is ideal. You get lots of bits and pieces of information and put them together easily. Or you might be someone who needs the concept presented and then explained in depth, with more narrative if it's something you're reading.

Either way, these styles prompt product possibilities. Each of the two writing styles (bulleted tips or narrative paragraphs) appeals to certain audiences and not others. That means you can develop a product in each writing style for your topic. There's no 'right way' for this, and you are likely to increase your sales by having both.

When you're done with that, go further and develop a special report and an interactive workbook. There's no question the people who appreciated the narrative booklet style will be interested in the larger versions of your topic.

You can do a similar application for audio products, starting with short tips in one version, and making more expanded explanations in other products.

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