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Friday, March 03, 2006

Who Already Goes There?

Who already goes the direction you want to go? When you want to reach a particular audience, a particular population, a certain group of people, think about who is already reaching them. That means identifying the manufacturers and distributors of products, publications, and services. That means associations and societies. That means electronic media.

Make a list of as many of these entities as possible. Find the best contact person at those manufacturers, distributors, publications, and associations who can decide to buy your products in large quantity. Those groups will use your products to help promote their own product, service, or cause. They will distribute your booklet, audio CD, or any other format of your material as a give-away, a thank you, an incentive to purchase or subscribe.

There are thousands and thousands of groups who are already successfully reaching the people you want to reach. Do a Google search on some appropriate key words to identify who they are. Help them reach those people even better by using your products, while they help you by buying your products in large quantity.

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