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Monday, March 06, 2006

Why They Buy in Bulk

Mega corporations, smaller companies, associations, and publications are a few of the entities that buy booklets and other information products in bulk. And they buy them for a few related reasons. They buy them to help promote their own products, services, or causes. Giving a free copy of your booklet when their customer/patient/ subscriber/ contributor makes a purchase is an incentive to spend more money with whomever offered the gift.

Think about your own reaction when you see something offered for free. If you were at all interested in the original product or service, that free offer probaby moved you to action that much quicker, or helped you make the decision to buy at all.

When an organization's purpose is to support some cause in which you also believe, you probably feel that much better contributing when you get a free gift as a thank-you for your donation. The non-profit Public Broadcasting Service in North America uses that model all the time, as do other non-profit groups.

You might remember the days when a magazine called Home Office Computing included a floppy disk (how dated is that?) to register for AOL. The disk was plastic wrapped with their magazine. That was a way of distinguishing the magazine from the other computing magazines out there, a way to remember them and to buy their publication at the newsstand or by subscription.

Financial planners and insurance agents offer something free as a thank you for scheduling a sales appointment with them so they can sell you financial planning or insurance products and services. At least you get the free booklet or other product to keep, whether you buy an insurance policy or not. The agents know it's a numbers game, and they do what they can to increase the likelihood of sales.

In the centerfold order form of your favorite product catalog it would not be unusual to see 'get a free gift with any purchase from this catalog or when you open a new account.' That, too, is a fairly common model, one which increases sales in that catalog.

These are but a few of the many reasons that companies and organizations buy your booklet, audio CD, card deck, and other forms of your product in bulk. Help them sell more of what they've got by selling them more of what you've got! After all, it's the least you can do.

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