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Thursday, April 13, 2006

7 Times It's Appropriate to Discuss Licensing

"When I have someone who is interested in licensing, I'll come back and talk to you about that, Paulette."

Don't hold your breath that licensing will automatically pop up all by itself in some conversation you are having with a potential client. It's up to you to not only intoduce the idea, but to expand on it to as large a sale as you can. And it can be the most lucrative and easiest sale you'll make, which always makes me wonder why booklet authors are so reluctant to approach it. Here's a few situations to suggest to your potential licensee, each one enlarging the licensing fee for you. There are many more, though this will get you thinking.

1. Expand their reach to people of a different language. Spanish is a huge second language in the US.

2. Use the tips in a morning drive-time radio advertising campaign to broaden their exposure. "This fitness moment brought to you by XYZ Health and Fitness Club."

3. Include tips on product packaging. Having a well educated buyer makes them want more of what you've got.

4. Distrubute tips throughout a print catalog. It makes the catalog more interesting while educating the buyers.

5. Make the booklet available as a PDF download from the licensee's website as an incentive to visit the site. It's the same as a hard-copy premium used to prompt more business.

6. Have the company print the booklet themselves when they are interested in 10,000 copies or more. It's more cost-effective for them and much less hassle for you.

7. Create the content into a different format like an audio CD. This reaches their buyers through a different learning style than the printed word and will capture the attention of those people.

Be proactive in attracting licensing opportunities. It's easier than you think. Learn to do this through the home study course, How to License Your Booklet for Huge Profits. You can find it at http://tinyurl.com/f7eny

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