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Thursday, March 30, 2006

How Residual Booklet Sales Happen

One of the many ways to put residual booklet sales in motion in your business is to make the initial sale to some entity who will distribute your booklets to people or groups who are also bulk sale prospects. One example of that is a manufacturer who sells your booklets to their retailers in the context of a promotional tool. The retailer hands out the booklets to increase traffic in the store. The customers of that store who get the booklet because they bought some specific thing or spent some specific amount may also be bulk booklet buying prospects for their own company or organization. And so the cycle continues.

Bulk sales are triggered each step of the way as someone sees the booklet and thinks it is the ideal solution to some challenge or situation they need to address. Before you know it, your sales have increased substantially from this ripple effect. And, as the opening sentence in this post said, this is one of many ways that residual booklet sales happen. That's enough to get you started for now though.

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