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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Are You Expecting Your Booklet to Do?

The title of this entry is purposely ambiguous and definitely open-ended. That's because every booklet author has their own expectation when they create their first booklet. Here's a few possibilities that have presented themselves over the years for what a booklet can do.

* Get your name on the cover of a publication
* Be a new direct source of income - in a small way
* Be a new direct source of income - in a big way
* Market your overall business
* Make a difference in the lives of the reader
* Scratch the itch of wanting to be a writer
* Help an organization make more money by reselling it
* Help a company make more money by using it as a promotional tool
* Prove something to your family and friends
* Collect the ideas you've shared with your clients

And those are only the first 10 things to pop into my mind. There are more. You may have one or more from that list as expectations for your own booklet. You probably have one expectation that is in first place, and others that follow. It's also very likely your expectations change as you move through the process of writing the booklet, getting it produced, and marketing it. That's fine. There is nothing that says you must stay stuck. In fact, I encourage you to stay very open, and notice that your expectations have, indeed, changed.

Wherever you go in your thinking, remember to have positive expectations. Doing that will increase the odds of creating that reality.

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