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Thursday, March 16, 2006

9 Publications Become More Than 46 Products

Working with a client today, we looked at publications she'd already written. Some were booklets, some were books, a couple were ecourses, something else was a glossary of terms unique to her subject. And this was before we saw the more than 100 articles she'd written.

Like many authors, her focus had been on selling single copies to end users. And that was it. I asked her during our previous consulting session to identify not only the publications she already created, but to indicate in how many other formats she thought the content could be presented. I will tell you she did much better than most in what she uncovered.

She identified 9 different titles transforming into 46 different products. A truly excellent beginning, no doubt about it.

And then I more than doubled that.

She had not considered that most of her products could be created and sold in both hard copy and digitally, and she hadn't thought about how all of those products could be created into numerous other languages, where ideally the client would handle the translation through a licensing arrangement.

If you have even one booklet, you have at least half a dozen formats (audio, individual tips, printed booklet, and more -- for starters), with each of them being available in hard copy and digitally, and in whatever languages people are interested in. It would probably be at least Spanish. More than a dozen different products from a single booklet manuscript right there.

And why this matters is that you then become equipped with plenty of choices to find something that will fit the total needs of your large-quantity buyer.

Pretty amazing, isn't it? Let's talk about how your booklet(s) or other information products can do that kind of work for you. Give me a call so we can schedule some time together on the phone on the clock.

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