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Friday, March 10, 2006

How Many Hits You Get

Rarely a week goes by that someone doesn't ask what the traffic and sales statistics are on the ebooklet catalog at http://www.tipsbooklets.com , or how much traffic does this blog get, or, overall, are there a lot of hits on the website.

What I've come to realize over time (prepare for an amazing grasp of the obvious here) is that yes, numbers are important. However they do not always indicate a true accounting of bottom-line results. Now, I am far from a statistician, nor do metrics in general particular capture my attention. What I do know, though, is that very large sales have come from people who have bought a single $4.77 downloadable tips booklet. And it's far from surprising that six years later people come back to focus on a booklet project they are finally ready to do.

I know that someone's initial idea can morph into something much bigger once time has passed or they start exploring what's just below the surface in their own thoughts or the resources that are available to them.

Yes, numbers are important. There's no question about that. Having a thousand customers buy one small thing means there's now a thousand customers who, in the future, could by much more in the way of booklets, other products, consulting, or speaking services. And it could be a thousand customers scattered among the 250+ ebooklets on the site. That's very different than 10 customers buying high-end things now who, by the very fact there are only ten of them, are a smaller base for moving forward with new product and service introductions.

Like so many things in life, it's about balance.

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