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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Teleclass series

I'm going to be doing several sessions within a larger series of teleclasses over the next bunch of months. You'll discover new ways to increase your booklet and book sales and your profits. My colleague Brian Jud has birthed the series of weekly teleseminars and invited me and some other experts to deliver some of the sessions with him. Brian has written booklets of his own in addition to an excellent book called "Beyond the Bookstore." He's been around the publishing world a long time, is well-connected to lots of resources, and knows plenty to help you sell more of your products.

Eliminate "overwhelm" by focusing on one topic per week. Receive supplemental material each week--including Book Marketing Wizards. There will be no selling during the call--you will just get solid marketing information. To register or for more information go to www.bookmarketing.com

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