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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You Can't Write an Ad to Educate Prospects

You can't write an ad to educate prospects. They have to already have it in their minds they are interested.

I read this yesterday in an ezine about copywriting and it stopped me short, fully capturing my attention. It was from notes taken by the ezine publisher from a seminar she had attended. It was a paraphrase of something I've been thinking for a long time about booklet authors and about bulk buyers of booklets, mostly in regard to how things are priced as well as how they are perceived.

The feeling that I've expressed about this many times over has been that if someone is interested in a booklet, it almost doesn't matter how much it costs. And if someone isn't interested in a booklet, it almost doesn't matter how much it costs. And the 'it' can be any related product or service. It can be a home study kit, consulting, editing, a teleclass, or a live seminar for booklet authors. Or it can be the pricing on booklets, audio CDs, card decks, or any other format of the material.

Even though someone may not have a booklet or the other products and services consciously on their radar, it might trigger something just below the surface for them, which can be just as effective.

An example is that a person might be thinking about writing a book and has been continuously ambivalent about it. They see something about a home study kit or a teleclass or a seminar called How to Promote Your Business with Booklets, or even an article about booklets, and it scratches that surface. It triggers the book writing thing they were thinking about. Hmmm, an alternative to getting the book written. So they already were in the general vicinity thought-wise.

The other side of that scenario is someone else may hold a very strong belief about their inability to write anything, no matter how simple or how well guided by someone else. Their belief is so strong that there is no gateway into their mind about a booklet. Period. End of conversation. That person cannot be educated with the best written article or advertising copy. No way, not going to happen.

With the bulk booklet buyers, a decision-maker may be used to buying imprinted pens or calendars or coffee mugs, and is already in that promotional mindset. Along comes something different, some booklets. They are already somewhat educated, compared to the person who is not atuned to dealing with promotional items at all and sees no merit in them.

The best advice to consider is to go where the greatest likelihood is of finding the most people who already have some inkling of what you've got to offer them and have a mild or, better yet, a strong interest in what you've got. Sounds easy enough when you think about it that way, doesn't it?

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