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Monday, March 20, 2006

Booklet Sales - Applying Logic Where it Doesn't Apply

Earlier in my booklet career when I was already selling booklets in bulk, because of being president of a related national association, I had ready access to major manufacturers, retailers, and distributors in the office supply industry. That seemed like a beautifully-paved pathway for bulk sales of a booklet about organizing your business life. I was almost counting my money ahead of time.

It was a good thing that all I did was count it and not spend it that money in advance, since the logic of these contacts did not turn out the way I thought it would. For one reason after another, the sales did not happen either in a timely fashion or at all as I thought they would. Now there were a few sales, just nowhere near what the numbers (or logic!) would have indicated. Either it was not in line with the company's business plans for that moment in time, or the price was a bit off for their current budget, or the decision maker had other things on his or her plate that had higher priority, or, or, or. Many liked the booklet. It just wasn't lining up for them to buy.

Then some things that I would call strange started happening. I got a good-sized bulk order from an electrical manufacturer's rep firm in Puerto Rico. Certainly not someone on my target market list, though their check cleared my account just fine. They wanted to use the booklet as that year's holiday greeting card to their clients and prospects. Then there was another substantial order from a public seminar company who wanted to use the booklet to clean up their mailing list. Anyone who said they were getting multiple mailings of seminar brochures from the company would get a copy of my booklet as a thank-you for letting that company know. In a million years I probably would not have considered that application for my booklet. However, their check also cleared my account fine.

Think beyond the obvious when looking at who your large-quantity buyers can be. When your booklet is used by an association or corporation to promote their own product, service, or cause, those buyers could be almost anyone!

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