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Friday, March 17, 2006

Resource for Finding Business Telephone Numbers When Prospecting Booklet Clients

The following resource was in today's SpeakerNetNews.com weekly ezine. (one of my all-time favorite ezines). Thanks goes to both Mike Stewart for contributing the resource and SpeakerNetNews for publishing it.

Digital directory for business numbers -- Mike Stewart(Mike@mikestewartseminars.com)
Switchboard (
http://www.switchboard.com/) is a great resource that allows me to find a business telephone number on the spot free of charge. Give them a try.

I tested it out just now by entering "PayPal" (without the quotation marks) with no physical location. It brought the information up immediately, with one location in Nebraska (which I knew to be on PayPal.com 's site) and another in San Jose, CA, which makes perfect sense.

Next time there's a company you think is ideal to contact to sell them your booklets, you now have another easy and no-cost resource to contact them.

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