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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What Happens When Your Family and Friends Don't Get it About Your Booklet

You've just birthed your brand new booklet and you couldn't be happier or more proud. Your name is on the cover. You've worked hard to write it and get it produced. It took you however long it took you to go from start to finish. You are bubbling over with your own brand of enthusiasm. And you can't wait to share the accomplishment with all your family, friends, neighbors, former friends, former family, former friends. No matter how much you want to deny it or are even aware of it, you've put your ego on the line.

You place the booklet in front of people, either during an in-person visit or through the mail. What happens next is somewhere in a very wide range of responses and reactions, a range you honestly hadn't anticipated.

You will get everything from a bland 'that's nice' to an exhuberant expression of overflowing joy to a pragmatic inquiry about your process and the purpose of the booklet. Some will wonder why you spent your valuable time and money on a booklet. One of my own sisters asked how my 'stupid little booklet' was doing, after I'd sold at least 50,000 copies. Others in your life will question how they can be helpful. And yes, there will be those who understand fully and completely why you did what you did and how the booklet can be used. It is, of course, those people who draw you closest most quickly, and the ones you were hoping for all along.

The above possibilities are a small sampling of reality, from someone who has been dealing with booklets, booklet authors, and the people in those authors' world since 1991.

The truth is that very few of even your closest and most beloved family members, friends, neighbors, and others you know have a feel for what you are doing or about to do with your booklets. When you take a step back, you probably don't know much about their work or expertise either. They may not have as much of themselves vested in their work as you do, or they may have more. 'Hard to tell sometimes.

Your mission with your booklet is to let everyone know what you are doing, since you don't know who all those friends, family, and neighbors know. Even if your closest circle doesn't get it, they may be able to introduce you to those people who do understand, who will be thrilled to see what you have, and who will find it to be the ideal solution to a challenge they are having. Do your best to keep your ego checked at the door so things like your work being referred to as a 'stupid little booklet' can ultimately transform into a humorous story to tell years later, when you've sold over a million copies!

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