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Monday, March 27, 2006

Audio Coming to Sound Speakers Near You

Our local Publishers and Writers of San Diego (PWSD) group had the regular monthly meeting this past Saturday at one of the Barnes and Noble stores in town. The speaker was a local writer who has written and had published a dozen books with more coming. His focus at the meeting was helping navigate through traditional publishing. Being a non-traditional publisher, I listened anyway since there is always a pearl to pick up that can be applied to non-traditional publishing in some way. This time was no different.

As interesting, informative, engaging, and entertaining as he was, the pearl came when, as part of his presentation, he was interviewing the store's Customer Relations Manager (CRM). All the larger B & N stores have them. She commented on the decline of book sales, and indicated that the place sales are increasing is the audio books. People are about to go on a trip, and they come in to buy a book on audio CD (used to be books on tape). Hmmmm, very interesting piece of information.

Not only did that reinforce my thoughts about making content available in multiple formats, it got me thinking about the many ways audios can be marketed in bulk, separate and apart from bookstores. In fact, I was inspired to write a Special Report about it which I hope to complete this week. Stay tuned. I'll let you know when it's ready. I think it will give you some very encouraging and inspiring ideas for you to expand your reach and your bottom line!

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