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Friday, March 24, 2006

Google Your Booklet Title for Information and Ideas

It's always interesting to Google your name and your website URL to see where you appear and in what context. Sometimes there are connections to be made that you didn't realize were available, or ideas to expand or explore a direction you hadn't considered.

Today I decided to Google the name of one of my products. That also proved fascinating. Among the things I saw was that one of my affiliates has placed the product in question for sale at twice the price that I sell it. There is nothing in my terms to say she could not do that, and I have yet to see any orders come through from that affiliate. It was very interesting to discover.

I also found mention of this product on other people's blogs, in articles I had and had not written, and in numerous other places. Great publicity for the product and some good ideas of new ways and places for me to market.

Go see what you can find about your own name, website URL, and products. It will probably be very helpful to you.

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