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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Booklets Going to a Trade Show Differently

A client today was talking about commitments already made for exhibiting at some trade shows. The focus was on one of four parts of their business, with the intention of selling their product to small distributors (retailers) who directly reach consumers. Those small distributors would be the ones primarly walkng the floor of the show. Sounds very reasonable and logical.

I then suggested to my clients that they expand the scope of the trade show experience in a big way. The suggestion was to walk the floor of the trade show themselves for the purpose of seeing who else was exhibiting, and making connections with those larger exhibitors who were probably manufacturers and larger distributors.

The people staffing the booths would probably be sales reps. Get the names and contact information from those sales reps for the top person in sales and the top person in marketing. Those would be the decision makers for buying large quantities of booklets and other formats of the booklet content, to be used by the manufacturers as marketing tools. What's more, the manufacturers would also be able to make money on the information products by selling them at a profit to their distributors, who would use them as marketing tools.

This approach is possible whether you are exhibiting at a trade show or attending one as a buyer or, better yet, wearing a Guest badge so you won't be attacked by the sales reps staffing those booths!

Contact the top people a week or two after the trade show, and present them with how you can help them increase their market share of the product they sell by buying something from you that will not cost them anything but will make them money, too.

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