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Monday, April 03, 2006

Does Your Cousin the Corporate Contact Know Marketing?

When you discover you have the ideal contact into a corporation you think would be the perfect whale of a sale for your booklet, take a breath and ponder a few things first.

Your neighbor, friend, family member, former professor, or whomever it is may be a great door-opener for you by providing you a phone number and a name of the person high in the ranks in the sales or marketing department. Your contact may not know the first thing about marketing. This is a vital consideration when it comes to your enthusiasm in wanting to show them your booklet, or their enthusiasm in wanting to see it.

Your contact could look at the booklet and have opinions about it that bear zero relationship to the success you will experience when talking directly to the marketing or sales person. Your contact has different strengths than that, as a computer programmer or human resources person or head of the company cafeteria. They do not necessarily know about marketing.

Save yourself and them the anguish of a misstep by focusing your request on giving you the name and contact information of the key person high up the ladder in their company's marketing or sales departments. Your original ontact will be thrilled to know they were a catalyst to your success when you later tell them about the sale you made within their company. And send that catalyst some flowers or a gift certificate or something you know they would appreciate as a thank you once you've made that big sale!

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