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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Market Your Booklet with Articles

Dan Janal of www.PRLeads.com gave an interesting teleclass today about syndicating your articles as a way to promote your website and your business. Ths is so easy for booklet authors to do since you've already got plenty of content for simple 300-750 word articles. Dan gave some useful formulas for writing articles, and is offering a free e-course about the whole thing at www.PRLeads.com/ford.htm

If you want to offload the process of uploading your articles to the article syndication sites, Dan is offering that fee-based service, too. I've been posting articles to dozens of article directory sites over the years with great success. Just Google my name and see what you find!! And yes, it's time consuming, no question about it.

Like everything else, though, the key is consistency. Create one article a week and send it to 25 sites each week. Ezine and site owners come to the directory sites for content. Once your article is posted onto their own site, it's there indefinitely, bringing you traffic for the duration.

See if what Dan has is a match for you. Otherwise do whatever you can to get your articles out there. You'll be amazed by the kind of business it brings back to you.

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