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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Ideal Scenario for Writing at Least One Booklet

Reading my pal Joan Stewart's weekly ezine today (aka www.PublicityHound.com), I saw the following:

Publicity Hound Christie Scott of Chicago, Illinois writes:
“I’m starting my business as a certified coach for doctors. When doctors have communication issues or want a more profitable practice, they call me. I work with them to eliminate stress—from relationship problems to medical malpractice risk, because the problems are usually communication-based.

“I’m looking for ways to let them know about me and my services. I’d love to speak at their medical society meetings and conventions. But this presents challenges. Until they are familiar with me, they are skeptical to book me. And until they hear me or see me speak, they are slow to hire me.

“I am open to new and innovative ideas and I will do what it takes to reach them. But I need some ideas of where to go next. Can your Hounds help?”
You can learn more about Christie

My reply:

Your situation screams out for creating a tips booklet. It’s a way to give meeting planners and your soon-to-be-physician-new-clients-of-yours a sampling of your knowledge base, promoting yourself every step of the way. What’s better is when an association you want to speak to buys a quantity of your booklet(s) to distribute to attendees, who are prospective consulting clients. Whether the association hires you to speak yet or not, you get promoted to their attendees. It really doesn’t get a whole lot better than being paid for your marketing materials.

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