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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cutting Through Crowded Markets with Booklets

Real estate companies, mortgage brokers, and those in related fields are clamoring to survive and thrive right now in many parts of the United States. Southern California is certainly feeling the squeeze and looking for creative, cost-effective ways to weather the economic storm through their promotional efforts.

Several months ago one of these folks bought a couple hundred copies of my booklet (110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life) to use in a promotional campaign. I've watched this person add in several other simultaneous advertising and publicity activities. When I phoned to find out whether it was time for a re-order, the person said the booklet was being received well, yet there was still a bunch in inventory. I suggested combining some of the campaigns to include getting a copy of the booklet when calling because of a radio ad they heard or seeing some print advertising this person was doing.

It had not occured to the broker that this could be an excellent way to be distinguished from among the competition. After all, how many people are offering a booklet on how to organize your business life, especially in a context like this?

In crowded markets like real estate, financial planning, and many others, your booklet can help a company distinguish themselves from among the rest, especially when the market is on a momentary downswing.

I'm expecting a booklet re-order next week.

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