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Monday, June 26, 2006

Booklets - an Entire Series Out of the Gate

Several weeks ago I posted a question on this blog as an incentive to get a free copy of a publication I recently published. I asked what word I use when referring to a booklet that includes information from multiple related topics. The correct answer was a Sampler Booklet. It's what I consistently call that kind of a booklet. In fact, it ended up serving the purposes of my own business at that time so well that I never wrote another booklet of my own.

That's not to say some booklet authors wouldn't do well to write a series of booklets. There's definitely justification for doing so. I rarely suggest that as a first line approach, right out of the gate. Instead, do one booklet that has 10-12 tips from 10-12 different and related parts of your subject area. It will give you a chance to see what the greatest appeal is within your market. It will let the readers of your booklet know you deal in a range of related areas. It will market your entire business in one simple booklet. And you'll be able to better decide if a series is needed to best support the goals of your business.

Give them a sample so they'll come back wanting more of what you've got.

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