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Friday, December 15, 2006

Marketing Suggestion from Booklet Author

The following came from one of our booklet authors:


"I've been looking for ways to market my booklets in all the usual places, but a couple of days ago I realized I had almost overlooked a great marketing opportunity. I called a housekeeping company to have some cleaning done for the holidays. This was a first for me. As a busy mom, I often don't have time to clean. As I was thinking along these lines, it suddenly hit me that alot of moms probably don't have the time to clean and use housekeeping services at least occaissionally. Since my current booklets are aimed at the mommy market, I realized that there was great opportunity in marketing my booklets to the housekeeping industry!

Lesson: Look at the services you personally use, and you'll probably find several marketing opportunities that you have overlooked in the past."

Kim Hillman
Up & At 'Em Publications
(website coming soon!!!)


Thanks, Kim!

Until next time,
Paulette - who believes wholeheartedly in marketing to those who market to us


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