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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

But the point is ...

The January issue of Booklet Tips from Paulette -- the ezine -- had an interesting flip happen from something in the main article. It's given me pause. See what you think. I made reference to the fact I am one of six people on the planet who still doesn't have a cell phone, going on to talk about it as a model of hearing a TV commercial that took awhile to even hear much less process or react to. I framed that as something useful to consider when talking with booklet prospects, who like your booklet, like you, like your price, yet still are not ready to buy. That's where I am about a cell phone.

Oddly (or maybe interestingly) enough, I began getting a lot of emails from my ezine subscribers congratulating me for not following the trend of getting a cell phone, and telling me where the best cell phone deals are, and on and on.

THAT was not the point, though I appreciate their commentary and useful data. The point was about following up with prospects over the long haul, even though they aren't ready to buy now.

So, my lesson in all of this? Just keep "talking." Keep putting it out there. People resonate with whatever they resonate with. Sometimes it's what you think it will be, and other times it's totally different. Just keep following up, and, once you've captured their interest and gotten their attention, see what leveraging you can do from there.

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