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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Booklet Leads All Over the Place

Periodically it seems to makes sense to offer a reminder of what may be overlooked as ideal bulk booklet leads that show up in everyday life. Here are a couple examples:

1. You get an announcement in the mail that a new sales director is hired at one of your best vendor companies.

2. You read that the online travel company, Orbitz.com is launching a site specifically for road warriors.

First, can the new sales director use your booklet to make a mark with a new sales campaign? (get a free booklet with a zillion tips on how to organize your business with your next purchase from us)

Second, is anything about your booklet travel-related or relationship-related or business-related that would be an ideal download for the first time someone books their flight through the new site? That's a licensing deal for the PDF version of your booklet.

These are things to watch when wondering how and where to go for large-quantity sales of your booklet and its spin-offs.

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