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Monday, February 05, 2007

Zeros Are a Lot More Than Nothing

Many booklet authors get frazzled when thinking about large quantity sales. I mean really large quantities, in the millions of copies. The truth is there are lots and lots of environments who deal in millions of units of things every day. And it comes down to very little more than a difference in the number of zeros in units and in money. The sale is the same, the uses are the same, the change in your lifestyle from making that sale is different.

It still requires you to explore how the group wants to use your booklets, when they need them, what customizing they want done, if they want to do the production themselves or have you do it, how much they'll pay you and when that payment will be received. All the basics.

Years ago when I did a licensing deal with Lillian Vernon, a major catalog company , they licensed 250,000 copies of my booklet. It was the largest sale I'd ever done. Yet it was a test for them. At that time, they were distributing 17 million catalogs a year. So 250,000 was a small percentage of their total universe.

The only difference is the size of your payday, and, like the title of this post says, zeros are a lot more than nothing.

Until next time,
Paulette - always happy to see lots of zeros



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