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Friday, February 09, 2007

Did I Need That?

I saw a short and sweet message today on a publishing discussion list about someone else's site that said it all:

I just wanted to tell you I visited your site and found it very helpful. I'll probably go ahead and order your book, but just the free info you had posted helped me make a decision I didn't even know I needed to make.

When people come to your website (or mine), and are new to your expertise and what you have to offer, they don't have a scope of all that goes into what they need. Those free articles and blogs, as well as a wide range of related products and services really do support more sales for you.

Do you remember when you didn't even know the questions to ask? I do. I remember enrolling a friend of mine to go with me to printers for my first booklet print run because I had no clue what to ask. So go back to the basics about your booklet and about the information you provide. Give some samples and examples. Provide a road map of what products and services will best serve your clients. It'll help them learn about making decisions they didn't even know they needed to make, including buying from you.

Until next time,
Paulette - grateful for the reminders



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