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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Booklet or a Book or a Newsletter or a Blog?

That's a conversation that used to happen. It was about which ONE of those publications was the best one to do. It's now AND not OR. And in my opinion, any of those can be the starting place. It really doesn't matter. Start anywhere and expand or contract into the other three. Each one of those formats will appeal to some slice of the population and will cross-market to your other formats. Worried about the time it takes? Do it piece-meal. There's increasing popularity in writing a book by creating a daily blog entry. I've also advocated writing a book by creating a series of booklets and then combining them. If you've already done the book, you've got lots of material to slice up for blog entries, tipsbooklets, and newsletter articles. Like so much else in life, no matter where you start, the important thing is that you do start!

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