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Monday, March 26, 2007

Life is a Series of Contests

While watching the television magazine, "60 Minutes," last night, I heard Andy Rooney make a comment during his closing few minutes of the show that captured my attention. It's the title of this blog entry: "Life is a series of contests." It got me thinking about the competition within ourselves and the competition with others regarding our respective businesses.

Within my own mind, I have contests about which product to develop or expand next, which market to address or abandon, what price to keep or increase, what terms to introduce. Once I win the competition with the internal committee in residence from the neck up, the external world takes over, imposing its own reality.

And winning the sprints may or may not win the marathon. (Trust me, this is metaphor. This personal machine was not built to do either a sprint or a marathon, I promise you.)

You could be bumping up against a wall with your booklets for any number of reasons -- the topic or applications or price are better for one industry than another. Look at other industries or other prices or other applications. Your own sales skills may need honing. Who among us can't use a little more fine-tuning in that area? Your internal voices are serving up large portions of self-doubt. And on and on.

Yes, life is a series of contests. Some are won, some are lost. All are teachers.

Until next time,
Paulette -- winning and losing just like everyone else, and staying in the race



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