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Friday, March 16, 2007

Booklets and Sponsorships

Conferences and seminars are good places for your booklet to be distributed free. Now, that didn't say for you to give it away. It said to be distributed free. Confused? Read on.

Every time you go to a conference or a seminar, you usually get a welcoming packet full of all kinds of things. Your booklet can be included as one of those things, production paid for by a vendor sponsor of the conference or seminar. Whomever is presenting the conference or seminar (i.e. an association or an expo company) will buy the booklets from you and sell them to a vendor sponsor for a profit. That way everyone makes money on the deal. The same is true for an association who wants to use your booklet as a member benefit for new or renewed memberships. The association buys the booklet from you and may have a vendor sponsor pay for production (or not), and then distributes the booklet free to their new and returning members.

These ideas can be done with either a printed copy or a PDF version of your booklet, and barely scratch the surface of ways that sponsorships can be crafted.

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