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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Booklet Rules Don't Matter

Today's post follows perfectly on the heels of yesterday's about perfect booklets, or not. For the past 16 years, certain guidelines have worked exceptionally well in writing and producing booklets. It's what I've consistently taught clients and audiences. Today, all bets are off. Here's why.

A couple weeks ago, an order came in for 500 copies of a booklet from the ebooklet catalog at my site, without the buyer ever seeing a copy of the booklet at all. It was the title that grabbed them. Today, the same client came back around and wanted pricing for many, many more printed copies of that booklet, as well as price quotes to license as many as 200,000 copies of it. This is all good, yes.

Here's the part that amazes me. The booklet author "broke" lots of the suggestions -- okay, rules -- I continuously advise. The booklet used some multi-colored clip art within the booklet, which I always advise against using additional color because it increases production cost. The writing style has lot's of "don't's" in it, which I always say tell the reader what TO do rather than what NOT to do. And there's a number of tips starting with "if," which is another thing I edit when working with someone's booklet.

So, this booklet may have a sale of 200,000 copies licensed, with the full awareness of the client, and the author did it contrary to my best suggestions. Are you still laboring over the perfection of your own booklet? If so, redirect your efforts to your title instead!

Until next time,
Paulette - always happy when a booklet author makes a big sale



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