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Monday, March 19, 2007

Product Development vs. Marketing

Some people think it's one or the other. The fact is that you need to manage both, regardless of which you feel is your preference. You can make both be easy and fun, too, no matter what your current beliefs. Let's say you would rather market than create new products. Yes, there really are people who feel that way. Once the booklet is done, they would rather find lots of ways to market the booklet and not do any further product development.

Some simple ways to create more product are:
Have someone interview you about the topic of your booklet. That produces two new products -- an audio product hard copy CD and digital MP3. And that can actually produce two more products from that -- a hard copy transcription of the interview, and a digital PDF version. Now you have 4 new products, as easy as that!

You may think marketing is less than fabulous, and you'd rather create more products instead. Well, think about what other industries would be good to approach or what other countries or what other age group. It probably won't take you long to expand your market without much difficulty.

Either way, expanding your product line and your market are both vital and continuous cosniderations. Make them easy and enjoyable for yourself.

Until next time,
Paulette - simplifying things as much as possible

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