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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get Out of This World

Get out of your own world to gain perspective on the content and marketing of your booklet and your business. It's easy to get tunnel-visioned by staying within one small universe. I've sure done that in my life at different points along the way, and have observed that with many other people. For me throughout my adult life so far, it's been circles of internet marketers, publishers, professional organizers, a synagogue community, classical musicians, self-help groups, and others.

The gift comes when taking a perspective from one of those groups and bringing it to a different context. It sheds new light on the new area, often breathing new life into it as part of the deal. This is not an uncommon approach, by any means. In the corporate world, many companies believe strongly in bringing in executives from other industries for this very reason. It breaks the "we've always done it this way" syndrome, creating space to do something new and better.

Look at your world through differently colored lenses to see what you see.

Until next time,
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