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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Times of Year to Reach Decision Makers

Useful information can come from places you least expect to find it. The following was included in a travel ezine talking about American travel:

"When asked what is the busiest travel time of the year, most people would probably cite Thanksgiving. But in a surprising finding, Orbitz says last year's busiest holiday week was July 4. The company's "A Step Ahead" survey found Thanksgiving was actually the fifth busiest travel week, based on an Orbitz Insider Index. After July 4 came Memorial Day, followed by Christmas. Even the last week of March beat out Thanksgiving, based on Orbitz.com hotel and package (air and hotel) bookings. "For those looking for a less stressful trip when fewer people are traveling, week 49 – the first week of December – was the slowest travel week of 2007," the company said. "The second week of December was second slowest. The slowest travel week of the summer season was the week following Memorial Day."

Just when you think you've got some idea of when to catch that large-quantity decision-maker, this information can put a completely new slant on things. That's not to say your executive won't be busy with some other business cycle in the company or that the budget lines up with non-travel times. It does give you a perspective about vacation travel.

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