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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I See There's Already a Booklet About ...

It happened again today. A new booklet author expressed concern about seeing other booklets on her topic already posted at the ebooklet catalog on my website. It always fascinates me when someone expresses that concern. Yes, I've written about this topic before on this blog. However, it seems to warrant a repeat peformance, so here we go.

Forget about booklets for a moment. (Only for a moment!) Think cookbooks. Let's say you enjoy cooking a particular cuisine. You go to the bookstore (online or brick and mortar) and you see numerous cookbooks written for that particular cuisine. I'm guessing your reaction is probably a positive one rather than "gee, I already have a cookbook on that cuisine." You're probably pleased to know you have some variety, and are likely to not only buy one of those cookbooks now, you'll come back to buy another one later.

Same deal with multiple booklets on the same general topic. Each person's perspective is a little different from each other. Isn't is great? It's not uncommon for someone to buy all the booklets on a particular topic at my ebooklet catalog.

Now go write yours!

Until next time,
Paulette - who sells lots of other booklets on organizing tips besides her own

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