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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Booklets - Getting New Ideas

Where do you get ideas for creating, developing, and marketing your tips booklets? They can and do come from anywhere, depending on how much attention you're paying to your life on any given day.

There are two magazines I read, in hard copy (often at the beach), on a regular basis:

The June issue of Inc. had an article about the founder of a toy company who also created, among other things, a boutique children's publishing company. He talked about his business model of starting off creating the intellectual property on the iPad and then going from iPad to paper, from iPad to TV, from iPad to toys for licensing, and that the only thing to produce yourself is the digital version before licensing out the rest of it.

Licensing out the rest of it!! Yes, that's what I've been saying for two decades. Do it once, and license it many times over into other formats, other applications, other languages. Now there are more tools and more ways to license than ever before.

What have you got sitting on your computer that you have created or that's waiting to be created? How far have you thought about taking that tips booklet manuscript?

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