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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Booklets - Naming Strategies

You may know I'm a big fan of several colleagues, one

of whom is Marcia Yudkin.

Every Wednesday she sends out The Marketing Minute,

which I always find interesting.

Here's the one she sent this week. 'Gets me thinking

about names for tips booklets and for websites associated

with them. How about you?


The Marketing Minute

by Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor



In a vacation reply message from a Marketing Minute

subscriber, a cleverly named domain caught my eye:

TheMuseIsIn.com. Clearly the site offers creativity help in

a light-hearted spirit.

We don't see many domains using this naming strategy: a

phrase or sentence. When all the conventional company names

seem to be taken, try raiding literature, the Bible,

proverbs and fables for expressions. When I looked up ten

Shakespearean phrases today, four were available as domains.

Other uncommon domain name approaches:

* Start with a verb. Available this morning, for example:

EditABook.com, BecomeADogSitter.com, SubtractSalt.com,


* Indulge in wordplay. Think up key words, then look for

ways to match starting letters or sounds. KeenOnKarate.com,

SqueakyCleanSquad.com and NeedToNibble.com were there for

the taking today.

* Switch word order. If someone has already nabbed

NewEnglandNannies.com, spring for NanniesNewEngland.com.

(Both were available, actually, today - and the reversal has

more pizzazz.)

* Ask a question. Despite all the divorce specialists

who have already set up shop online, both CanIGetCustody.com

and CanYouGetCustody.com weren't taken yet this morning.

When it comes to finding a domain, zig instead of zagging.

(ZigDontZag.com was available, too!)

[Note: The last time I ran something on this theme, a

smartypants immediately reserved all my clever inventions.

Since I expect this to happen again, I used past tense



LEARN NAMING: Anyone can learn to put words together in

original, captivating ways. Learn the art of thinking up

creative, effective names and tag lines in my upcoming

naming class, which meets by teleseminar on four Thursdays

starting June 9.

In a small group, you'll get lots of personal attention for

your current naming challenge and have ample resources to

reuse for future projects.

Sign up today:




One-on-One Copywriting Training


Marketing Mentoring


Marketing Thought of the Day

http://www.yudkin.com/mantras or twitter.com/marciasmantras


Until next time,

Paulette - who loves how Marcia thinks!




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