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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Booklets - Reactive, Proactive, or Both?

Yes, writing a tips booklet for a "hungry" market increases the likelihood of making sales when you know the best channels to reach that hungry market. It may be an indirect route if those who want your information can't afford to buy it. (Think: unemployed people who want and need info on getting a job.)

What's more, just because there is a need doesn't mean it's necessarily within your area of expertise. Sure, you can do research and create something. And then what? What else will you have to sell to those same people once you sold them the booklet?

While identifying a need, look at who ELSE can benefit. Who is a buyer with money to spend who may also want to reach the same end user? Or what's a creative way to reach the people who need what you've got. Can a group buy your booklet and then make it a fundraiser so it's funded by someone other than the end user? Is there a company that has a foundation whose goal it is to do good work in a community and can give away the booklet?

It's often a combination of being reactive to the need and proactive in finding a solution.

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