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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Single-copy Boooklet Sales - Why Bother?

In the non-traditional world of publishing tips booklets, it's important to be clear about your purpose. The large number of booklet authors I know have a couple of primary goals:

1. To get their message out to people who will find the information helpful
2. To make money

Hidden (or sometimes not so hidden) in those two possibilities is the goal of using booklets to market the booklet author's business.

The best way I know to accomplish both or all of those goals is by getting to the largest number of people with the least amount of effort and other resources. Selling booklets one at a time does not appear to do that by itself. Yes, single copies can lead to bigger things, which it has done even in my own case. However, when deciding from the get-go that going after bulk sales supports the goals stated above, that seems to be the much better and more direct route, wouldn't you agree?

Next time you find yourself thinking about selling single copies of your booklet(s) or other products from your website or at the back of the room when you do speaking engagements, I encourage you to please consider those gravy sales and not a primary way of selling your booklet. Your message will go much further and you will make much more money when you sell thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of copies at a time. And yes, that is all completely possible. Ask me how if you're in the dark about that.

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