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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What's Better Than a Happy Client? Hundreds of Them!

The following testimonial came today from one of my most favorite people, Dr. Bob Houle. Here's what he said:

Your blog is is a "Blast furnace" of great ideas. A must have freebie for anyone considering writing and marketing booklets.


You mentioned Google Alerts. I signed up for it and asked to be alerted for the word "Happiness" (my booklets subject of course)/ Well it turns out that every day they send me a world wide list of people writing about happiness, courses being presented and...get this...companies disseminating information to thier employees about happiness.

This is a heat seeking missile (I'm into Hot metaphors today) for discovering world wide sources to market my booklets. You are right on the cutting edge Paulette.


And here's what I said:

Thanks for your email. Glad to see you are getting some instant value from the blog. I appreciate your enthusiastic testimonial, which I may want to use with a twist. I don't know if you noticed that I have harvested and organized all the blog entries of the past year into a publication for easy navigating and mobility. I announced it in last month's ezine, which came out right when I know you had some very pressing things on your plate. It's called "Booklet Tips from Paulette - Secrets, Strategies, and Resources." It's in the Manuals section of the products on my website, available either as a downloadable or as hard copy.

Now, what do YOU say? Can you really truly live another day of your life without this well-organized compilation that basically just about turns itself into instant money for you?

Until next time,


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