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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Valuable Industry Sales Report for Booklet Authors

A Merrill Lynch report released last week predicted that the Internet would be collecting more advertising revenue than the magazine industry by the end of 2006. The investment bank is predicting a 27% surge in online ad revenue for the year.

Reading the above information in the daily Advertising Age trade publication today, I saw this as nothing but good -- no, great -- news for booklet authors. For several years I've been talking about approaching print magazines to license them booklet rights to use to attract new subscribers and retain current ones. "Get a free booklet with your new or renewed subscription." And now, as the print publications are struggling to stay alive in many cases, they need as many tools as possible to do that.

At the same time, many of these same magazines are increasing their online presence, as are other companies. The PDF version of the booklet is ready and available to be licensed to these website owners to use in much the same way as the hard copy -- as a way to incent people to visit the website and to make a purchase or complete a survey or open an account or do whatever the site owner is interested in having them do. The booklet author has the ability to license the site owner very specific use of the PDF of the booklet or other formats of the booklet (like a digital audio version), as well as license the contents of the booklet to be sliced and diced.

The shift in advertisers' attention from hard copy magazines to Internet web sites is a valueable piece of industry intelligence, one worth following for booklet authors.

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