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Monday, February 25, 2008

Ask Questions Before Answering Them

Someone emailed me about whether my company provided booklets in various sizes besides the 3.5" x 8.5" I recommend. It was unclear as to whether the person wanted to buy printed booklets from my site or create original booklets, and what their purpose was for distribution.

When someone wants a customized print run or wants to license a booklet that already exists, all kinds of modifications are entertained. When a person is doing their own, and doesn't know the history of my suggested booklet size, they are operating without useful info.

Turns out the person wanted to create original booklets and didn't know it's less expensive to create and mail booklets the size I advocate. Simple answer once the questions were asked.

Years ago, I tracked 3M for 5 years. You know, the folks that bring us Post-It Notes. For five years, no one told me they didn't produce a product that was the size my booklet would match. Five years!! By the time I found out about that, my contact was retiring and no one else was interested.

Yes, ask questions before answering them.

Until next time,
Paulette - who has always believed size matters and questions are helpful

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