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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Update on Flurry of No

Yesterday I told you about the booklet author whose booklet was peppered with one negative after another. Our 30-minute consultation netted a realization on the part of the booklet author that it made a lot of sense to have the booklet edited, and that I was the one to do it. The point the author made was one I knew -- the author held a certain perspective, and, being so close to the content and point of view, was hard-pressed to be able to turn it around. My carefully chosen candor was well received. .

And a different booklet author who asked for a no-cost review and no-cost input about how to market a booklet was thankful for a quick reply, lots of guidance to free resources I provide, and expressed understanding my point of view.

The no's were short-lived. The yes' prevailed. One great vote for humanity!!

Until next time,
Paulette - happy to be helpful in positive ways

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