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Thursday, March 06, 2008

What's Your Favorite Color?

Anyone who knows me for a quarter of a second knows my favorite color is purple. For most things, that is. I had an interesting conversation with my hair stylist the other day that's worth sharing with you about his favorite color and what this has to do with your booklet business.

His favorite color is gray. Well yes, that's one of the reasons I sit in his chair about every 6-8 weeks. Every six or eight weeks he sees me, usually when the gray around my hairline on my face is more obvious than I want it to be. That's usually the ultimate motivator unless the curls have just gotten too haywire to manage or the sun from having my convertible top down has made it straw-like. As he says, the color gray puts money in his pocket and makes his clients feel good. What better combination is there?

So what is consumable or prompts repeat sales with your booklets? Is there updated information that means publishing a new version on a regular basis? Is your booklet packaged with someone's product, requiring a steady flow of inventory from you? Do your buyers want to alternate among various formats of your content, keeping that flow going from year to year? Is there a new crop of clients or members from year to year, requiring more copies? (new college students, new graduates, new moms, new retirees, new members to an association) These are just a few ideas. Once you ponder it, you'll probably see more.

Think about what you can do to move your products into an ongoing demand instead of a one-time sale. It makes marketing easier and dramatically increases cash flow.

Until next time,
Paulette - who also enjoys green, the color of cash in the US


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