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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Booklets - Selling Downloads When Speaking or at Trade Shows

For many years I've been suggesting that a good way to sell or give away a downloadable version of your booklet when you're at a trade show or a speaking engagement is to provide a coupon with the URL to the specific place on your website.

Technology has now advanced to offer many other ways to do that, including providing what's known as a QR Code. If you're not familiar with a QR Code, it looks sort of like a bar code. This recent article below addresses the issue well enough for me to bring it to you. It was in last week's issue of one of a couple of my favorite ezines in the professional speaking industry. While the author speaks about DVDs and CDs, everything she writes applies to booklets and other formats of your information.


Selling downloads BOR (Back of Room) — by Beth Terry

Since our audiences are usually split between those who want tangible product and those who want instant access via digital downloads, here’s a way to satisfy both.

  • Make 100 of the DVD/CDs
  • Print 100 additional package covers (like square postcards) with a space on the back for a message
  • Using QR Codes, put a link on the back of the postcard that takes your buyer to a download page.

You can find a QR code generator and sticker maker at Stickerscan.com. (Note: QR Codes can be URLs, address info, or messages of different types.)

In your shopping cart, create unique download keys for individual sale.

When someone says, “I don’t want to cart around a CD, how do I download?” sell them a download right there. Give them a postcard with a sticker with a key printed on it. The QR Code will take them directly to the URL in your store that says, “Enter your download key here.”

You can make the key stickers on your computer using Avery labels, and you can order the stickers for the QR codes from stickerscan.com.

If your shopping cart doesn’t allow you to make keys, then just hand the buyer the postcard with the QR Code on it that takes them directly to a page in your store for the product. They can then go directly to the store and enter their payment information from their smartphone. And you don’t have to hand-process any payments. Either way you are giving them instant gratification.


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