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Friday, July 08, 2011

Booklets - Other People's Approaches, the Kindle, and More

People often ask "has anyone written about my topic yet?" That always brings a smile to my face and some variation of the following reply: "Probably, and so what? Write yours anyway. You have your unique perspective. You'll market it differently than anyone else, and so on."

I've written and taught about booklets for ages, from my point of view. There are others who have also written about booklets, from their point of view. One of the people I continue recommending to my clients and audiences is Marcia Yudkin. I've known her a long time and have the highest regard for her.

Marcia's knowledge is different than mine. Her approach is different from mine. She brings you a perspective that fits well with mine, yet expands it in many ways. Her information is outstanding. It's why I became an affiliate of hers early on.

She recently revised a publication that you'll want to have. It's called Profiting from Booklets & Special Reports. It now includes advice on publishing reports and booklets for the Kindle and a thoroughly updated resource list.

Buy the new edition of this downloadable how-to guide before July 12 and you also receive a one-hour downloadable audio in which she summarizes the steps in creating a saleable report and answers questions about the process.

Click here to learn more about it and to place your order.

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