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Friday, September 28, 2007

Gee, Your Site Has Changed

Someone I knew from my happy and lengthy career as a Professional Organizers popped me an email yesterday. It was 13 years ago that he bought my early booklet materials. In his email he was gushing about my website, how my business had expanded and changed, the ease of navigation of the site, and on and on. What I realized and wrote him was that it was a lot of little changes over a long period of time. Yes, there were a couple times when some major change happened, like a basic redesign of the site about 18 months ago. Otherwise it's been a tweak here and a small change there.

I bring this to your attention for a few reasons intended to be useful to you. Whether you already envision a big picture of your business or are seeing things in the moment, your business builds over time. A new client this week told me about an elaborate big picture, yet the first tip for the booklet was not yet written. I encouraged the client to get one booklet done, and from that all things would flow.

Yes, down the road, your site will change, as has your life, one bit at a time.

Until next time,
Paulette - remembering everything happens in units of one



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