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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still Doing It, Are You?

At dinner this week, a colleague was marveling about how I am "still doing booklets," this many years later (since 1991, in fact). I'd brought a booklet to show her. This was not the typical booklet, though it looked like it from the outside. This was a Collection of Experts It contained a page representing each of 14 different people, one page per person. The page has 5 tips, 100-word backgrounder, and full contact info for each person. That meant that each person markets 13 other people in addition to themselves each time the booklet is distributed, sold, or put in front of a journalist.

I assured my colleague that this was part of the natural evolutionary process for me in my business, and that it was being received well. I saw a glimmer in her own eyes as she was contemplating how she could bring it into her own business with her own clients. And that's how this stuff works!

Go see for yourself at www.CollectionOfExperts.com Let's talk about whether you want to join a group that's forming or bring one or more groups of your own to this idea.

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